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Custom Software Development

To invest in off-the-shelf software to avoid risk and save time or in creating a custom software solution to achieve and nurture the unique business needs and challenges? With the inevitable rise of the custom software market share, Trioval provides customized solutions to businesses through practical business strategy analysis, prototype design, development, and maintenance. If you are wondering whether or not a custom solution would be good for you, read below to learn the characteristics benefits of custom software solutions.

Why Custom Software Development?


Customers own 100% of their software , hence no royalty or subscription fees like those given to off-the-shelf software.


Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom software are flexible and can grow according to the needs of the customer

IP Asset

The custom software is own intellectual property while in off-the-shelf software the customer holds no rights to ownership.

Technology Independency

Off-the-shelf software are rigid to specific technologies. Custom software utilizes the right stack for unique business goals.

Custom Software Services at Trioval

ERP Applications
SaaS Applications
HIPAA Compliant Applications
E-commerce Applications
Mobile Applications
Legacy Systems
Third-party Applications

Custom Software Development Process at Trioval

Core Technologies